Leaders of the Future

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We are educators, community activists and philanthropists on a mission to develop leadership skills and academic achievements among Israeli-Ethiopian youth. We aim to produce self-confident, well rounded youth who have been instilled with values, matriculate high school, and who continue on to significant military service, academic careers, and leadership positions in Israeli society.

The organization runs a unique excellence program, which places great emphasis on enhancement of self-esteem, increased academic efficacy, and motivation to obtain higher education. Leaders of the Future (LOF) creates synergy between the youth, their parents, their schools and the program. The Israeli-Ethiopian youth are inspired to take pride in their family and are empowered with the belief that the sky is the limit.

The need for our program arises from the alarming sociological status quo of the Ethiopian Community in Israel and disturbing downward trends. The adjustment process in being transplanted from a patriarchal rural shepherding culture to a modern society has been difficult and sadly destructive to the family structure. 

The program, now only in its 8th year, supports more than 115 students. Three LOF groups have graduated, with a 100% matriculation rate and 100% conscription into the IDF and National Service. A large majority are already on their path to pursuing higher education. 

We are looking to find visionary partners who share our belief in providing equal opportunity to the youth of this community and thereby promoting a more just and unified Israeli society which sees the Ethiopian community's success as its success. Such partners can take the lead and credit in expanding this program and create additional future leaders.


Jonathan David, American lawyer, founder of the David Law Firm and The David Foundation is a father of four who immigrated to Israel in 2006. Jonathan David is a believer and investor in the Israeli-Ethiopian community. His Aliya privileged him in discovering this beautiful and closely-knit community who are mostly living below the poverty line and are struggling to survive economically and integrate. With a highly dedicated team, a well thought out and tested winning-formula and an investment of $1million per year, Jonathan David and his team have created a successful model which they are now keen to replicate and expand.


“The Leaders of the Future program was not only a milestone in my life, my connection with the program and the people doesn’t end. The impact it has made continues at all stages of my live, in the form of support and love, with one objective- self-actualizaion. ” 


—  Asmare Tagania

     Graduate of Leaders of the Future

     Law Student,Hebrew University