Leaders of the Future


A tennis and fitness program focused on empowering Ethiopian children through social enrichment, academic support and a nurturing environment. 

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An Empowerment Program geared towards helping Israeli- Ethiopian children gain confidence and transcend social barriers, giving them a sense of belonging and identity.

Structured as a tennis and fitness program with a strong focus on social enrichment, participants complete their homework at the tennis center and enjoy a nurturing environment. Parents are also invited to participate in many of the activities to strengthen the relationship between the generations. In addition, the program encourages leadership development and thus nurtures the future leaders of the Ethiopian community in Israel. 

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PROGRAM Components

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 The Program

Our tennis program is run in partnership with the The Israel Tennis Centers (“ITC”) which is a non-profit organization that has been in operation for over 35 years. The ITC’s mission is to enhance the social, psychological and physical development of Israeli youth through the medium of sport.

The program is implemented twice a week in the afternoon for an average of three hours per day. The children receive a meal while at the center, as well as access to a classroom where they can complete their homework. 

Children are guided and supervised by a social empowerment instructor at all times. The social empowerment instructor helps them deal with pressure, acquire leadership and communication skills, while also helping with homework and facilitating between the other children at the tennis center.


Various social outings and activities are held throughout the year, including events that engage parents.





Children have tennis practice with a tennis coach two hours a week (one hour per day) and engage in other fitness activities with a fitness coach for a total of one hour a week. 

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