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Hands Up


we offer a family style support system that's always available, providing assistance through every challenge. Maintaining support throughout youth, military service, higher education, and deployment into the workforce.

year-round comprehensive programs

that make an impact!





Our Youth Program, established in 2011 as our flagship program is dedicated to serving Israeli-Ethiopian youth from 5th to 12th grade. Candidates who are highly motivated and have significant potential are selected and enrolled into our eight year, demanding extracurricular program which provides transportation, meals, mentors and high quality instruction.
We focus on academic excellence and leadership, providing several key components of enrichment, each targeted toward specific objectives. Participants of the program are supported beyond graduation and through every milestone as they venture out into military service, higher education, and employment. 


Higher Education 


Our Higher Education Program was established in 2015 as part of a pipeline dedicated to serving Israeli-Ethiopian students and providing them the continued support needed to successfully graduate with a university degree. Candidates who are in need of financial assistance, have high academic potential, and have completed meaningful Military or National Service are selected and enrolled into the program.
The program provides qualified recipients with preparatory programs (if needed) scholarships, empowerment programming, consultations, mentoringand preparation for the job market. 
We focus on students majoring in Medicine, Engineering and Science but provide all youth program graduates with the same opportunity regardless of degree program.

Happy Friends


Our Women's Leadership Program promotes and support Ethiopian- Israeli women's leadership at the national and International level. The program’s main focus is on developing resilience and supporting success through a variety of activities and real world opportunities for personal and professional development. Participants are comprised of Ethiopian Israeli women who have obtained a degree in Higher Education, those in the process of completing their degrees, and social activists.

Participants meet three times a month during which time they are provided with a variety of workshops such as debate and public speaking, mindfulness, career advancement, networking and other enrichment opportunities that will help them develop themselves personally and professionally. During the course of the program, participants will have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a real world setting. 

Tennis Balls




Our Tennis Program, run in partnership with ITC (Israel Tennis Center) is dedicated to helping Israeli-Ethiopian children gain confidence and transcend social barriers. Candidates who are passionate about fitness and have potential in the area of Tennis are selected and enrolled into the program. 


The program is structured as a tennis and fitness program with a strong focus on social enrichment and leadership. 

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