Leaders of the Future


Unlocking the potential of our

Israeli-Ethiopian youth and young adults.

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The organization runs a unique excellence program, which places great emphasis on enhancement of self-esteem, increased academic efficacy, and motivation to obtain higher education.  

The Leaders of the Future (LOF) assists in developing leadership skills and academic abilities among the young Israeli-Ethiopian community. The program starts from junior high and continues its support all the way through a meaningful military service and higher education focused exclusively on Engineering, Science and Medicine. From the outset participants are empowered to achieve high quality matriculation and are encouraged to then join elite units of the army or do significant national service. The uninterrupted follow up continues all the way to joining academia and making sure participants pursue a successful career path. 

Side by side with graduates of the LOF who joined the program at junior high, we also target a select few who have demonstrated outstanding leadership during their military service and provide them with scholarships and counseling. Scholarships are also provided to students who reached higher education by their own efforts. The continuous support across the above stages allows us to produce influential leaders in all spheres of life in the Israeli society and strengthen cultural and economic unity. 


Leader of the Future

We are focused on the following communities within Israel:



Kiryat Yam

Kiryat Bialik

Kiryat Motzkin



Migdal Haemek

We have plans to expand our program to other parts of Israel.